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From: David  (more)     Date: 2002-12-04
Comments: I love this game. I saw someplace that there actually were other versions of this game for pc or other obscure gaming systems. I dont think they continued the SMS storyline. It was kinda hard in some spots. Me and my brother used to call the 1-800 sega hotline to get hints on how to find certain things. But this was possibly my favorite SMS game that I owned. What absolutely freaked me out though was this crazy thing that happened to me when I was messing around with the password screen one night. I made a sentence with abbreviated words about myself. The password worked!!! I never could tell exactly how many level bosses were defeated, but everything was sporadic. And if you tried to buy the warrior's sword in the graveyard the game would reset. The password was this: DAVD HBRD SCRD IOPT LAST NITE AGST CCHS. The sentence was about a basketball game I played the night before. David Hubbard scored 10 points last night against Lockards Creek. I added the HS at the end for the words "high school", but Lockards Creek was actually a church league team, not a high school. Now for some reason, I cant remember, I changed LCHS to CCHS. That was the actual high school initials of the town. Clay County High School. I also had to use the letters "I" and "O" to make the number 10 because the numbers one and zero are not on the password screen. I know this sounds far-fetched and may even be confusing, but it works, and it still freaks me out! Oh yeah, to top it off, and I know you're really going to think I'm BS'ing now, I had one of my questions posted in a Sega Visions magazine(dont remember which issue it was, but might be #2, 3, or 4). My question was about whether there would be a sequel to Golvellius. The answer was that there weren't any plans for one. I dont have a working SMS anymore, but I do still have a couple carts or so, and a SMS/Genesis adaptor that doesnt work. I still have the Golvellius game cart and the box. I dont know if it works. Me and my brother had bought Double Dragon for like 50-something bucks, and took it back the next day to exchange it because it was the worst game for SMS of all time! We got Golvellius in exchange for it and the rest is history. I know this is a long, crazy, unbelievable story, but I promise you it is all true.


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2015-02-21 12:20:09

Wow, I updated the site after almost 10 years. Simple page that lists games by ratings!


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2006-08-30 22:23:23

I've added a quick little thing to show the average rating of all games in the games list! This also shows up on the game page itsself. Also, there's a count on the front page on how many spam-bot posts have been prevented since CAPTCHA was implemented.


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2006-08-21 13:11:22

I've added it to show the last 3 days worth of comments, instead of just the last one. It also now shows the total number of comments added, instead of the total number of games that received comments.

Also, when you click on one of the comment links from the Recent Comments box, it will take you right to the comment.


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2006-08-17 21:06:40

I've cleaned up a few hundred more bot-spams, as they were still getting through.

However, I've also integrated CAPTCHA into the reviews. CAPTHCA is that crap where you have to type in some skewed text to "prove" that you're human. Hopefully this helps or stops the spam!

I've also opened all games up for comments, even those that I don't have screenshots, box scans, or any other details for. It was originally intended that I add all of this, but since it's apparent I'm not adding it, well, post away.


Attempting to stop spambots

2006-06-20 10:10:00

I've cleaned up about 10,000 spammy messages from the reviews.

Also, In an attempt to stop spam bots from posting to the reviews, I've added a filter with certiain spam like words, mostly related to poker and drugs and such. So, if you are a human and can't post a review, you should probably not talk about viagra in the review, or take your hyperlink out!


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