How the hell does the Power Base ConverterŽ
fit into the second generation SegaŽ Genesis?!?

When the SegaŽ Genesis was released, Sega of America had a wonderful idea- Let's make the SegaŽ Master System (SMS) games playable in the Genesis! I'm sure this made the Genesis more appealing to people already owning a SMS, and makes the SMS games appealing to those who own a Genesis.

SegaŽ must have assumed that no one played the classic SMS games anymore, as they released the Genesis II in 1992-93(?). and the power base converter doesn't even fit. The bastards! Well, actually it DOES fit, but not with the power cable attached. Gee, that makes a LOT of fuckin' sense.

Anyhow, if you've got some spare time, here's how to fix this little annoyance:

Step I

  • Locate your favorite SegaŽ Master System Game (1). Phantasy Star was used for this example, and we all know why. [NOTE: This demonstration will of course work with any SegaŽ Master system game!]

  • Next, locate a SegaŽ Power Base Converter (2). Gee whiz, good luck finding one, bobby!

Step II

[Before starting on Step Two, be sure to have a Pliers or Vice Grips handy!]

  • Attach pliers at point (3) and apply mild pressure.

  • Grab your favorite pliers (4), and hold on tight! YEEE HAWWW! We're going for a ride! Grab that fuckin' converter and rip it to shreds! But be careful, you don't want to get too excited and smash the whole damned thing apart.

  • Be sure to perform these violent actions above a clean, dry surface (5) or you'll have shrapnel on the floor, which could cause bloody footsteps to get on your carpet. If this happens, be sure to have a Big Green Clean Machine at your disposal.

Step III

  • After minutes of thrashing, grunting, groaning, and bashing, you will hopefully have ripped the excess "flab tab" (6) from the converter. If you haven't.. well, you're a wuss.

  • Be sure to dispose of the shrapnel (7) properly, or you could put the hurtin' on yourself.

Step IV

  • Insert the newly modified Power Base Converter into your SegaŽ Genesis II (8). It will be a "snug" fit, so be sure to not wreck it by forcing it too fast!

  • Next insert your favorite SMS game (1), turn on the power..

  • Sit back, and enjoy your accomplishment! (9)