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Alien Syndrome

From: Panty Ward
Comments: I remember one time I was playing this game and my sister came into the room and dared me that if I died in this one level I would have to lick the shit stains in the panties she was wearing. Sure enough I got killed. She was wearing a long t-shirt (for bed time)... she pulled down her white cotton panties and handed em to me. I turned em inside out to reveal her pantie crotch. She had a fair to light colored brown smudge the size of a half dollar in the middle of her panty crotch from where her butthole pressed against. I stuck my nose up to it and sniffed it. It smelled fishy. She giggled and said "you have to lick it". I stuck my tounge out and licked over the brown smudge and all around it... it tasted salty.... it was making me hard. She giggled more... and then I dared her to let me lick "the real thing". Needless to say, I licked her butthole many times after that... emm it always tasted so good.