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Rambo III

From: Kiera
Comments: I couldn't be more disappointed lately. First of all, I got a yeast infection from sharing a dildo with one of the flea-bag prostitutes I am forced by abject poverty to live with. This infection has rendered my oft violated snatch all the more fetid. I mean, it always kinda stunk, enough that neighborhood alley cats would follow me hither and yon awaiting a fish dinner that could never come, but now it is even more eye-wateringly putrid. My only consolation comes from the fact that the overwhelming stench of my pudenda proved to be too much for the pubic lice that were calling my already ripe genitals home, killing them more completely (indeed, more mercifully) than any crab shampoo currently on the market. Second, I now find out that my erstwhile friend Sam is indeed NOT at all boss. He is still funny in a third grade sort of way which would normally suit me as a person of limited intellect, but nobody likes a fraud, especially one that cannot maintain an erection unless he constantly thinks about the time he discovered his auntie's control-top pantyhose dangling from a shower rod, crusted as they were with a combination of menstrual blood, some sort of makeshift spermicide fashioned from vinegar and Clearasil, along with copious amounts of semen from varied members of Class Mammalia. His aunt was a very busy slag, indeed! Sexual dysfunction aside, though, one should not tacitly take credit for another's work. That's enough for now, back to the salt mines with me, though that's really just an old expression. In reality, it's back to the glory hole.