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My Hero

From: Christine
Comments: I\'ve been playing My Hero ever since I got it in the late \'80s. It was my first Sega game ever! I am now 24 and still have yet to defeat this game! I have got as far as levels 8 & 9 and they only get faster & faster. It seems impossible to beat it. I still wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and wonder to myself...after all this blood, sweat, & tears, will the ending of the game match the fantasies I\'ve created in my mind?????? Will the graphics of the game change and be absolutely spectacular? Fireworks??? I give it a high rating because all the games these days are totally weak!! You\'ve got a million continues and cheat methods. This game is solid! You\'ve gotta get through it on your own; the hard way! If you can defeat My Hero you can defeat any game! It is the \"Boot Camp\" of video game playing!! You owe yourself a pat on the back if you can finish this one!