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More games added. About 350 total!

2001-02-26 00:35:00

I've added in most of the titles of import/non-US games. Most don't have any more information other than the names, but I will add information as I find out.

Also, many of the dates are wrong on when games came out. I'll fix this pretty soon!


FINALLY an update.. more to come..

2001-02-19 10:20:10

OK, I've finally got the SQL backend in place. It was work I did almost 2 years ago, but had since neglected. The only things showing now are items that have pictures or details behind them- I will soon add the rest to have a comprehensive list of all games. Go there now!

Oh yea, the comment generator works again. Good! There aren't any of the old comments in there yet, but I will import them in sometime this week. There's a lot of funny stuff in there.

One more thing- the dats on all of the games say 1985. This is of course WRONG. I will fix it when I import the other data..


Link added, update coming (really!)

2000-03-01 13:20:40

Welcome back from the dead! I've just added a link today to the Segadojo. Check it out since you're probably bored!

I am converting this site to a database. The backend is basically complete, now I just need to get enough energy to enter in information on 300 games. wish me luck! Once that's working, all of the user feedback and whatnot will be functional again. and the links to ROMs! See ya soon.


My ISP sucks

1999-07-08 13:20:40

Well, great. My isp moved my page to a new web server, and now nothing works right. That's nice of them to do that, don't you think? Well anyway, this site is going to be moved to a new server and will be redone internally with a few cosmetic changes. Expect this real soon! (week or so?)


Im a non-updating freak!

1999-05-17 23:20:40

Whoa! This is wacky, eh? It's me, your friendly webmaster to report in and say sorry for not updating for so god damned long! Ive been busy with a new job, winter sports (snowboarding) and summer sports (drinking, playing pool, biking, motorcycleing, etc) and have been neglecting my poor baby of a web site. Right now I'm in the process of revamping my other unrelated site, Alien Collectors Homeworld. I'm SQL-izing it, and all that good stuff.

Once that is done, I will be sort-of revamping this. More or less in the backbone of things, the design will stay pretty similar (Hey- it already looks like a damned master system- why cahnge it?!?). Part of the reason for this is because my ISP is under new ownership, and they kind of suck-ass now. Hence, the web hosting is transferring to Pair, who seems to be OK thus far. What does this have to do with the SMS? Nothing I guess! I just thought I'd check in and let you all know that I have not COMPLETELY dropped off the face of the earth.

I have probably about 20 more games and several more ROMS to add to the site- however- you will have to wait until the update is complete, as it's a complete pain in the ass to do it the "old fashioned" way (write html for each page) as opposed to my new favorite way, which is write code for one page, create a database, and have it generate pages for you. Anyhow, you shall hear from me soon..


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