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Wanna read reviews by so-and-so?

2001-06-05 14:44:00

OK, now there's a link 'more' on the list of reviews. Go ahead and click it, and you can read all of the reviews from whoever wrote that one. I know you wanted that.


You guys are just hilarious!

2001-03-26 16:10:21

Reading through the most recent reader reviews today, and I have to admit that I laughed aloud at most of the reviews by Wayne M.

Maybe some people will get offended by some, maybe not. Perhaps I'll add a 'more reviews by ...' thing now. Yea, I think I will.


Lookin' Different

2001-03-09 16:10:00

Why the hell should the first thing you see be these stupid news blurbs when you come to I don't know why, but they're not really anymore. Since so many sweet-assed reviews get added all of the time, that's the focus here.

So, I've thrown the recent updates down here where you're less likely to notice, because frankly, who cares! I think when this site was designed it was 'all the rage' to have some ultra-mega-updated news update page, like all of the damned gamer and hardware review sites out there. It's the 21st century baby! No more of that shit!


User reviews rock.

2001-03-06 22:20:00

Well, it's been about 2 weeks since I finally got everything working again, and there's already over 500 comments on games! You guys rule. It's awfully funny to read a lot of them. One person loves a game, the next hates it. The next is in some foreign language. Rock on.

From searching the 'net, I noticed there are two other sites that decided to name themselves "Sega Master System Museums". I have no clue why someone would use the same name as another site, but they did. Oh well. I guess I'll throw 'oldschool' or 'original' somewhere in the title.


More games added. About 350 total!

2001-02-26 00:35:00

I've added in most of the titles of import/non-US games. Most don't have any more information other than the names, but I will add information as I find out.

Also, many of the dates are wrong on when games came out. I'll fix this pretty soon!


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