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From: Shannon
Comments: Hello everyone on this site , my name is Shannon I am from the United States of America I want to take this opportunity to share my testimony , i was marred with a man named Brown, have been living happily for the last 8 years no problem, a day when out with a friend who returned late to the very home drunk , so I was very sad not to have seen in the way before, then in the morning the next day he told me to go to the office , then after of hours later my friend called me I answer the call yelled what I'm doing at home when my husband is in the hotel room with another woman , I was so shocked to here that I trust my husband my i heart did not know he can do that later on he returned , only changes automatically greeted him he did not respond to my greeting I was lost , hope , after two days later when he returned from work that took me out of the house with a machete, then I parked outside the house really , I love my husband with all my soul, heart and life , I could not resist , so I went home to my friend to help me to beg my husband to let me go back, but even still there is no way , after 5 months I was still thinking about it because I could not forget what I thought in my mind, then look for a spellcaster to help me bring it back , but I know you want to help me, but just to eat up my money until my friend introduced me to once Dr, NICE okse a great caster by African Parisian accent , to help me bring my husband back , when I first met him, he told me that my husband will come back to me , but I did not believe because I've tried so many spell caster , but knowing how he said that he is a different man can help me I said yes let me give it a try really after I've done what you asked me to do my very lovely husband came to my house with his friend asking forgiveness have no choice but to forgive him , since then , we together with love , happiness , confidence and much more , please you need to contact with this man because he is a real magician is big , please contact your e-mail is: ( professionallovespell@yandex.com )

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Psycho Fox

From: Shannon
Comments: Hey people, I'm looking to buy a Master System and the game Psycho Fox. If anyone is interested in selling and lives in Perth Western Australia, can you mail me? I've been looking for this game everywhere... gutterduck@hotmail.com Thanks guys!


Micheal Jacksons Moonwalker

From: shannon
Comments: this is the best game!