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Comments: Don't get me wrong, I love my girlfriend and everything, but lately I've been getting the strangest feelings whenever she and I would be making sweet love. It's hard for me to put my finger on exactly what was wrong. It just felt different. It still felt really good to be up inside her. She is just so wet and warm inside. It still felt good when I would poop out sperm inside of her and fill up her vagina with it. Something else wasn't the same. Something was wrong. Something just didn't feel right anymore. Then, just the other night, after I had squirted thick jets of sperm deep into my girlfriend and then selfishly rolled off of her to get some sleep, I began to quietly sob into my pillow. A few minutes later my tears were streaming from my eyes in torrents. My girlfriend was woken by my effeminate wailings, but she soon found that I was disconsolate and left me for an evening of relative peace on the couch. What was responsible for this grief, this overwhelming sadness? The answer was simple enough. I had lost the greatest emotional battle of my life. I could fight no longer against the person I really was. All of the temptations and fantasies of so many lost years came flooding back over me. My sadness turned to feelings of resignation and then to feelings of genuine relief. I am who I am and I will not fight myself anymore. I surrendered to the very visions that had haunted me ever since I was a young boy on the threshold of pubescence. Visions of beautiful, glorious penises and of testicles dangling magnificently between the legs of wonderful, proud gay men. Gay men like me. I imagined a seemingly endless parade of studs swarming over me and rubbing their penises over every inch of my body. The vision ended in a warm rain of sperm that coated my body in a glistening, milky cocoon of semen. How I longed to touch each and every one of those penises. Large and small, wide and narrow, long and short, thick and thin, from the palest white to the darkest ebony and every shade in between. The nectar that spouted forth from these magnificent members was equally diverse. Some of these warm, sticky jets were thick like paste. Other were watery geysers of lust. All were wonderful. If only it had been real. If only those penises could have been there touching me all over. They weren't, but the next best thing was mere feet from me. I reached over to my girlfriend's nightstand and retrieved her well-worn vibrator that she always used to finish herself off with after I pooped my sperm in her. It was suitably phallic and large. After a quick spit polishing I found the prefect place for it and roughly, almost sadistically, pushed it deep inside my virgin ass. All the while my own erection, the mightiest and stiffest I had had in many months, throbbed away, beckoning me to take it's great length into my other hand. I felt the soft skin of my organ, but imagining that it was someone else's, a new lover, a pumped away at myself faster and more vigorously than I ever had. The pace of my frenetic jerking was matched only by my other hand as it drove the vibrator in and out of my ass faster and faster like some giant sexual piston. My passionate cries had awoken my girlfriend and she walked in to the bedroom just in time to witness the most glorious climax of my life. My sperm gushed out onto her pillow and then jet after jet of my sperm spurted out in majestic arcs that landed all over her nightstand, covering her clock radio, her favorite teddy bear, and countless knickknacks and trinkets, not to mention a small picture of her beloved mother. The last drops of my seed dribbled out onto the rather expensive bedspread and formed an opaque, milky pool. She shreiked, not understanding the true beauty of the moment, not understanding that it may have been the first honest moment of my life. Unpleasantries were then exchanged and, needless to say, she is not my girlfriend any longer. Nor will there ever be another. I have finally discovered what it truly means to be happy and what it really means to be myself. Now I must go out there and find myself a man. I'm just so very happy!