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Sonic the Hedgehog

From: dogeymon
Comments: Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega Master is not original, since it's just a port of the Game Gear version with a few new powerups here and there and some slight changes to level design. But the original Sonic for Game Gear was actually a fun game. The game takes the task of obtaining the chaos emeralds and changes it from defeating bonus worlds to get them to just walking around and finding where they're hidden in the stages. There's one hidden emerald in each zone, and I thought they were only in Act 2 of each zone, but not always. There are still bonus worlds, which only serve the purpose of racking up coins and getting free lives or continues. The bonus worlds are just like the bonus worlds in Sonic 1 for Genesis, except you don't rotate around, and you get to high places with springs everywhere. The bosses are actually challenging in Sonic for SMS, which is refreshing. Overall, I guess this is a great game. The larger view is better in SMS than in Game Gear.