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Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

From: YAY
Comments: hmm.. searching google for ROMS i come across this site start to read the credits, fuck the game, ive hated RPG's my entire life, they can suck michal jacksons balls. but hey THIS PAGE IS THE FUNNIST SHIT: 2005-02-06 From: Bastard (more) Comments: I like to spoon with your mother and dry hump her back. Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-25 From: Anna Kournikova (more) Comments: this game is the best. I have played for so long and clocked it. Ending is fantastic Rating: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-22 From: ME (more) Comments: No, YOU suck it! Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-22 From: Trawler (more) Comments: No, asshole, get in line behind your mom and wait your turn to suck it. Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-20 From: HAHAH (more) Comments: stfu is SHUT THE FUCK UP.As in both of you SHUT THE FUCK UP. Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-20 From: Trawler (more) Comments: Suck it. Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-17 From: YHBT.YHL.HAND (more) Comments: A) is for asshole,more on that later B) is for bullshit,which is what comes out of both of your mouths C) is for loose wide cunts,yeah,you both got that D) is for dicks,however small yours may be E)is for Ejaculation,you do that to gay porn F) is for feces',which is what you guys cover yourselves in.So shutup please :) Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2005-01-17 From: Fuck You (more) Comments: Y) is for "why", as when your parents always ask you, "why are you such a fag" H)is similar, that's for "homo" B) is for "bitch", as in what you do and who you are T) is for your testicles, undescended Y) is for "young boys", as when you play your little Neverland Ranch game with the kids of the neighborhood H) is still for "homo", because you're gay enough for two L) is self-evident, you're a loser H) is, coincidentally for "hand", as in your hand, your first and only lover A) is still for "asshole", just like you're still AN asshole N) is for "no", the main player in describing your life: no talent, no dick, no brains, no friends, et cetera D) fits in with the last one, as in "dickless", no matter how small mine is or isn't (it's large, by the way) at least it's there Rating: n/a -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..