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Comments: No doubt that Dr Ajayi of Ololo spell casting temple is a reliable spell caster because of all he has done for me in the past few months. He helped resolve my broken marriage. My name is Yarelys Torres and at a time my husband was cheating on me with some Chinese young girl he met online and his affair with this Chinese girl want on for a very long time before i even knew about it. Well at the time i discovered he was cheating on me it was already too late cos he was already asking me for a divorce. I finally got to know the name of the girl and there usual hotel where they met to have sex, I felt like a complete fool when i got to know all this. For three straight years my husband was unfaithful to me and i never noticed. The question that kept popping in my head was how did it happen how did we even get to this stage where we where right then. It was on our usual Friday thanks giving day he told me he was seeing some one else and no longer want to be married to me. He said i deserve somebody better than him and that i deserve to be happy as if i told him am not happy with what we had as a family. Crying at that instant just seemed stupid so i held myself until my kids went to bed. He came up with it again telling me our married has been based on pretense now that hit me and all the pain i held inside came out. Really? Pretense and we had four lovely kids and just a day before you claimed to love and now all these was just based on pretense? Then i told him to his face, you not getting a divorce and then we started fighting and he hit me for calling the princess from china cheap prostitute and worked out of the house slamming the door violently.I did sue him for hitting me but dropped it cos it will only push him away cos the court was going to give him a restriction order and when that happens he is free to take off with his Chinese lover which was as hell not going to happen.He told our kids that we were splitting up but he will be there for them. How is that even possible when he will be building a family with his new partner. It was during all the mess i got to know about Dr Ajayi of Ololo spell casting temple cos words had it on the internet that he is a reliable spell caster that it turned out true.I contacted him for help and he told all i need to do excluding paying for his services all i was to do was provide the material for the spell which i could now not, But i rather sent him the money for the materials which believe is much faster, Cos the materials in question will be so hard for me to get here. He told me that the spell will take about two days to became effective. During that period of two days my husband started stocking i guess he we wanted to know if i have started seeing someone else and before i know how next move he ended things up with the Chinese girl and then he came bagging telling me that for the past three days that was during the time my spell caster place a spell him, he could not stop think about me that he still love me. I finally let him be my husband again and now all he does is shower me with love much more than he ever did. Thanks to Dr Ajayi my reliable spell caster if you need his help also in matters that is worst than this one, Cos in this temple i made mentioned of, There no problem that they can handle. Get to this great, Reliable spell caster via email: ajayiololo@yahoo.com .