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Teddy Boy

From: Toasted Bread
Comments: I remember this game. We used to play it for hours on end. All those people who say it is crap - how wrong you are. We played it so much we created other challenges on top - sad but true. At the end of the round make teddy boy jump up and shoot left then right and then left again (or right the left and then right again), if you can get all three bullets displayed on the screen then thats was considered to be a bonus - it is not as easy as it sounds. Now there was this level where you could shoot up all the walls and one of the monsters was a loaf of bread, to kill it you have to toast it up by shooting it like 9 times. I can not remember what level it was but if you find it kill all the monsters and leave a loaf of bread. Now shoot up all the walls - when you are done, teddy boy and the loaf should be free falling. Find that loaf and make it into toast - try to complete it before your time runs out. have fun