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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

From: Sonic Xtremist
Comments: This game was okay all you mario people can get some ass nintendo is gay i and is failing ala gaycube sega may be third party ah well but nintendo may go down soon after that shit effort at a console about time sonic is legendary as a game in itself it was a prt of me growing up sonic one on genesis so many happy memories sonic 2 geneisis best game i love sonic games i dont know why if its ring collecting at the moment im playing sonic heroes on pc and do like it im a sega fan a huge one and like sonic teams work also did nintendos mario dude make nights no they didnt they said even that if there was one game they would want to make its nights into dreams saturn but thats only for sega they made mario 64 instead i like segas style sure there makerting and other things brought them down but i love sega and most of there consoles i know theres bigger companys sony,microsoft thats how it is mario seems way more childish than sonic he rapes the princess lots and etas shit out of sewer pipes i think shadow the hedhghog form the new unrealesed shadow the hedghog game should get his gun and blow marios brains out sure on sonic adventure some of the new cahracters didnt seem to fit thats teh same with mario nintendo had lame ideas for new chaarcters also nintedno is childish censoring violence in games and having childish games ala maortal kombat and nintendo got done because sony made the sound chip for snes then they wanted a snes cd made by sony they backed out sony used that cd technology on playstation ehich i wasnt a fan of i dont like nintendos style i had a nes the first console i had sold it for cheap as chips i liked segas style how genesis\megadrive was black i loved alex the kidd nintendod were stoned when making mario a plumer who wears red fighting turtles nintendo i know sega has an obsseion with the word egg robotnik\eggman but i pick up a sonic game and its playable still today i cant get over them there classic Sega rule im a big fan i wrote a narrative about sega in english and alex the kidd and sonic and i can remmember that in some cereals they had a competition you got cards and tokens to win sonic towels basketballs watches and i wanted to go to sega world it shut down sigh in sydney australia cause im asutralian and there were lots of retro mastersystem fans belive me and genesis my freind has 2 genesises and his old games sega rule ala start of sonic games mostly notably genesis SEEEEGGGA