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From: Sidney Crosby
Comments: Thank you to all who have come to my defense over these many months. As you know, it has been very difficult for me to miss most of last season (still should have won the Hart, IMHO) and the beginning of this season, but I'm finally back and feeling pretty good out there. Frankly, I don't really believe that Dave Steckel wrote that, but if so I would like to say "no hard feelings". Truth be told, though I did suffer a concussion from that incidental contact, it was what happened in the next game that really did the most damage. Not only did that Victor Hedman hit aggravate the concussion received in the previous game, it also shattered the glass dildo that was inside my anus at the time. Needless to say, it is quite difficult to skate at an NHL level when your bung and taint have been torn up badly by shards of glass. Believe you me, I'm going to use acrylic dildos from now on!

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