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Robocop Vs. Terminator

From: Roadhog
Comments: East side/West side, East side/West side. Who the fuck gives a damn?! useless crap! I'm an aussie and we have eliminated that stupid hateful gang mentality. Yeah, i know one of u are going to "Dis" me, but frankly, I DON'T GIVE A FUCKING RATS ARSE WAT U SAY TO ME!!! And dont give me that classic "yo'll get a cap in yo ass" or any other BULLSHIT like that, u dont even know what state, let alone town or city I live in!!!!. U can "Dis" Australia all u want, but no-one will give a fuck. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI!!!! U can keep calling each other pathetic, stupid, childish names OR GET A FUCKING LIFE U MOTHERFUCKING SONS OF BITCHES!!!! (no offense to the actual GROWN UP people on this page.) oh, yeah, and the game sux! lol I leave the kiddys on this note, "Don't call me nigger, cause i ain't black. Don't call me white trash, cause IF U DO, U ARE A FUCKING DROP-KICK WITH NO LIFE AND/OR EDUCATION!! I AM 16 AND I'M PROBABLY SMARTER THAN U CHILDISH 20 YR OLDS!!! GROW UP!!! (i bet u thought that was going to rhyme!!!)