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Alex Kidd: the Lost Stars

From: Post_Apocalypti
Comments: To whom it may concern:I've chosen to post this considerably long message in the Alex Kidd and the lost Stars forum because it seems to be less active and less spam filled than usual.Its seems to me that the people that used to post here everyday have fucked up royally,thats what happens when someone doesnt update their website for two years and has an open forums that are completely free of registration requirements.I guess you can blame Chris for all the problems here but when you get right down to it,its all your fault,the users.It seems the only people here who arent posers are Pirahnaman and ,well,me.But of coarse he has left,and as soon as I have finished this message I am almost positive that a poser will start posting under the name "Piranhaman" again.I cant beleive all this shit had started all because of Everyone and ME's lame quarrel.One thing I do find funny is that one poser came up with many different identities just so that they can flame ME.But then again you cant really beleive what people say on the internet,at least thats what I had understood from Me and "an imposter"s discussion.It saddens me to find out that Quim nut,helping hand,Incredulus, Jimmy, Everyone, Bobsux and many others were all the same person,because they were all pretty cool people.And while I understand that many of the original posters and the way this site was will never come back,(mainly because all the links in the links page are dead) I wanted to make this one of the last few thought filled posts on these boards.I just cant beleive what these boards have turned out to be.Congratulations poser, these boards now mean nothing to anyone now.And to the people that actually DO post here for a reason,you deserve a pat on the back.And to those of you(the very FEW of you) who will ask "WHO ARE YOU?!WHY ARE YOU SAYING THIS?!" I will say this:My reasons are my own,I have been here since the beginning and what these boards have become sickens me.Its a shame too,these boards were actually pretty good.Hell,maybe I will come back when these forums become a little more active,but for now,I'm sticking to the Newgrounds.com forums.Goodbye,to whom it may concern....