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From: Mr Rod Harder
Comments: Lately my balls been swollen with much semen. Then I ask witchdoctor man to cast a spell to help me with same. He say that I no need him for this matter at all. He say that I need to beat off many times a day or at least week. THIS WHAT HE SAYS TO ME! Me religious man very much and am not looking for such satisfactions. I tell him this and he say that I need to FIND MYSELF A BITCH! By bitch he meant woman not dog. I then ask him how I supposed to find woman to get rid of semen into to?? He says now that THIS what he cast spells for. Indeed he great SPELL CASTER and in no time he have more BITCHES on my JUNK than I know what to do with!! I have got five of them pregnant now too! So I now PRETTY MUCH FUCKED! He say me not tell him to not let get pregnant and laugh hard. I kill him and say WHERE YOUR MAGIC NOW ASSHOLE. You can try to email him johnyiyi@rocketmail.com but don't be holding breath because I fuck him up good.

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