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Psychic World

From: Mike M
Comments: One of the best games on the SMS, no question. Creepy atmosphere, cool graphics, massive bosses, and a decent storyline. Some answers to those who are having problems: You defeat the first boss by shooting him! Lucile's basic weapon works fine. And as for the end of the game... after you are through the pipes and lasers, and get to the square of lava, you just need to keep blasting away at it for ages, as far as I can tell. Bombs seem to work well, if you have enough ESP left. I have completed the game about three times, but have gotten to this point about half a dozen, and even though I do the same thing every time, it doesn't always work. I guess it's just a weird Psychic World thing. But no matter, you can always start from the beginning, and hope you get lucky next time! A truly superb game.