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Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

From: Micho
Comments: Hi guys,i'm Micho from Italy and like Lagosuchus,i started playing Vgames when i was 4 too!And I really love WB3 *__* it was one of my dream of my childhood!I actually never played it to the end 'cause a friend of my bro lent him,but i really ADORED it!I remember that i read a lot of vg magazines even when i was 5 and WB saga always made my heart beat faster!! WB3 (and 5 too ;Q__ *drool*) are the best ever!!! I'm wondering...why do SEGA abandoned the brand?? I want a new WB to play with! >__< maybe similar to ZeldaOcarinaofTime :Q_______ *drool again* bye bye bye *_*/