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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

From: Michelangelo Tu
Comments: I am a Sonic nut & Sonic 2 on the Master System was pretty hard for me, the first one on the master system was the first game I had ever completed (All the chaos Emeralds I might add) But still I think any Sonic Game Is a cracker, I own all of the games on the Megadrive, i own all but Spinball & Mean Bean Machine on the master System, & I have a GBA with Sonic Advance & A GCN with SA2 and eagerly awaiting Sonic Adventure DX & Mega Colection on the Cube, Also Pinball Party & sonic Advance 2 Im gonna def get. Nintendo & Sega KICK ASS! an Microsoft can kiss my Chuddies, TO HELL WITH MICROSOFT! (Bastards) Oh yeah, Snowy Ya dont deserve ta even play games ya FOOL!