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From: Larry Utmah
Comments: Lucy, this is very difficult for me to say and I don't know if I could summon up the courage to tell it to your face, which is why I'm saying it here...boy this is hard...I just have to say it: it's over between us, Lucy. It's been fun and I really enjoyed being your sex partner and all, but I feel that we are just too different. No, that's a lie. We aren't too different. Hell, maybe we are, I don't really know because you never make any damn sense! I mean, look at that message you posted! Being with you is like watching a foreign language film without subtitles...a film that doesn't ever end! So, I'm ending it. You can keep the engagement ring, but the wedding is off. I'm sorry for that and I'm sorry if I hurt you. Goodbye, Lucy. A part of me will always love you.

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