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Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

From: Lagosuchus
Comments: hello, I'm a spanish girl and if i don't talk well I'm sorry. This game was the first game I played. My brother taught me to play it and I played it a lot. I don't know what age I was (4 years old I suppose). I couldn't pass the mummy dragon... Wonder Boy is a good game despite it's years. I'm agree with the man who said that the games can't be judged by it's graphics. for me the games are good when are fun and original. If you want reality in games go to the street and jump a while. to play now a mediocre game you must buy a lot of stupid and expensive stuff. those poor newbie gamers don't know that all they are playing is shit and they are eating it all!(the best comes when they laugh at me because I say I like this game and they see only a screenshot aggh)