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Rainbow Islands

From: Jerry Falwell
Comments: This game is a homosexual recruiting tool. We all know what the rainbow stands for. Rainbows used to be an example of the beauty of God's creation, now they signify the political ambitions of sodomites and their predation of our children. This game will make young boys crave the touch of their own sex. They will long to feel the soft skin of another man's scrotum, to feel his warm breath on the head of their young, upright penis. Young girls will wear flannel and rub themselves as they stare obsessively at posters of K. D. Lang and Ellen Degeneres. Other young girls will be molested by these godless, sapphic robots and will be forced to submit to cunnilingus for hours on end. Do not play this game! Do not let your friends or family members play it! We cannot let the homosexuals win. Rainbow Islands and games like it are directly responsible for the terrorist attacks of September Eleventh. We have turned our backs on the will of God and Sega has shown us the way with this sodomite masterpiece.