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Phantasy Star

From: Harlequin
Comments: Incredible game. One of the first (argueably the first) RPG on a system launch. The game has one fundamental error that you pretty much never see in any RPG after. After meeting Odin and Myau, you can get the needlegun and kill the sea creatures along the coast. Each time you kill one you get 42 credits and they tend to come in large groups. You can spend a good hour or so killing/leveling up until you reach 15,000 and then can buy the 2nd most powerful armor in the game. From that point forward you have such a massive advantage that you don't even get hit for the next 1/3 of the game. Putting that kind of powerful armor as a purchasable item so early in the game is a mistake that hasn't been repeated (to my knowledge) - 12 out of 10