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Fantasy Zone 3: The Maze

From: GM_Freeek
Comments: The only reason I got this game was because it has a 2-player version where you play on the same screen...heaps of other SMS games boasted they were for 2 players...but in reality it meant one person takes a turn then passes the controller onto their friend to play...FALSE ADVERTISING...but this game is like pac-man but 2 people can play together trying to eat up all the yellow balls of goodness...plus the bonus levels are inventive...because the lights go out and you have to stumble around the maze in the dark bumping into walls and stuff! Does anyone even know if there was an ending to this game?Whoever made this game was pretty stupid because you could jump start to the last level straight away! I would have wanted to play more if you had to start from level 1 and work to the last one...but I remember the water level was at the end...I never finished it so can someone tell me if the ending was any good?...LOL "Memories...like the corners of my mind..."