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Black Belt

From: Felix Thomas
Comments: It's a great game because it was based from the japanese anime Hokuto no ken(Fist of the north star)and the story of blackbelt isn't much different from the anime hokuto no ken: Blackbelt: you trained in the martial arts since you were a child and have met a beutiful japanese woman who soon became your girlfriend,you are Riki the young master of the martial arts but beware your rival Wang who has trained beside you has always been jelous of your talents has kidnapped your girlfriend away from you in order to force to fight him to prove he is the best but beware he has enlisted the aid of others to help him from reaching him,but don't worry you are a blackbelt and is ready to fight every one just to get her back,armed with fast punches and swift kicks you go forth to find wang and face the final battle against him and to save yor girlfriend. Hokuto no ken:you were trained in the art of hokuto-shinken with three of your brothers in order that your father can choose a succesor,you were the one your father has chosen Kenshiro,during your training you have caught the eye of a beutiful woman named Julia,she had many admieres but only loved Kenshiro so when they were older they decided to get married until one day a man named Shin appeared came across them and challenged Kenshiro to a fight,Kenshiro was losing and on that moment Shin did a technique wich inflicted seven scars on his chest in the form wich looked like the big dipper(Ursa mayor)before Shin could kill Kenshiro Julia stepped in and told Shin to spare his life for if he did Julia would marry him,he agreed and took her from Kenshiro he knew he must not fight Shin due to the cause that he was from the Nantoseiken school of martial arts, and if the Hokuto school fought the Nanto school it could mean the end of the but Kenshiro didn't care he would do anything to save Julia,after his wounds were healed Kenshiro started to looked for her in the post-apocalyptic world full of killers, humanoids,barvarians and other men skilled in the martial arts but Kenshiro doesn't care for he has the of martial art of Hokuto Shinken to aid him,thus start the story of the end of the century's Saviour guided only with the thought of Julia in his mind. Enter Hokuto no ken end of the century saviour so you see the gameplay's pretty much the same only that the hokuto no ken game is much longer than that of blackbelt but both have fun gameplay and similar bad guys,one of the games strong points is one you fight boss at the end of the stage where the camera zooms in on the fight and after you beat the boss Riki/Kenshiro finish him off with a move from the anime hokuto no ken it's quite exciting as the story unravels from both the games but if i had a choice i would choose hokuto no ken but the bad part is it's extremely dificult to beat the fat guy near the end the of the first level but never the less it get's a perfect 10 due to it's graffics gameplay and controlls. this game is highly recomended for any SMS fan or Fan of the Anime Hokuto no ken(Fist of the north star).