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Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap

From: CD32 Dude
Comments: There are three Wonderboy games set after this one. The first is Wonderboy in Monster World (Not Monster Land), which is WB4. This game came out on both the Master System AND Mega Drive(Genesis). It was excellent, and probably the best of all the Wonderboy games. Wonderboy 5 - Monster World III (where was the second "Monster World"?) was a really crappy scrolling platform shoot-em-up game which was at the arcade and on Mega Drive(Genesis) and is the worst WB game. Finally, Wonderboy 6 - Monster World 4, is once again a platform game, but you don't play as Wonderboy anymore, you're a girl, and it's sort of Middle Eastern themed. The platform action is much faster than previous games, and the graphics are a bit different (maybe as good as Wonderboy 4) and you still kill monsters for money and go in shops and buy things, but unfortunately the game was only released in Japan, in Japanese. You can play it on an emulator however, and an English translation patch is available, if you can get the damn thing to work.