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Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

From: Amused
Comments: Well I only came online to buy an Alex Kidd game and instead I find a bunch of sad internet-obsessors ruining a video game service for everyone else online. Some people on this site only want to review a game, but just a handful have to go and spoil it by typing meaningless obscenities in capital letters as though it makes them appear more "manly". Newsflash: the internet can make the saddest, oldest, scabbiest, freakiest person (such as yourself no doubt 'FRUSTRATED') into anyone they want to be. So just grow up and take your 'fights' somewhere you can't annoy other people. And I wouldn't bother trying to engage in a word-fight with me either because I'm only passing by and not bloody likely to be coming back. True it would be amusing to read your threats about "yo' momma" but I have a life fortunately. Oh and ps. would it kill you to punctuate and spell during your wild accusations??