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Predator 2

From: Al Sharpton
Comments: This is my favorite game. More of you honky mother-fuckers ought to be shot by strong, proud black men. That's right crackers! The chicken's coming home to roost and there's going to be a lot more dead white folks. You cannot expect to perpetrate crimes like slavery and segregation against innocent, peaceable black people for hundreds of years without our righteous anger rising up and boiling over into violence. You confine us to ghettos, you infest our neighborhoods with drugs. Those days will soon be at an end. The real outrage is that it has taken this long for you peckerwoods to get your comeupance. Hopefully our Hispanic brothers will rise up with us to destroy our mutual enemy and turn the streets of America's suburbs and gated communities red the blood of the white devils. Listen good white men, we're going to kill you, burn down your homes, steal your shit, and have sex with your women. White bitches love big, black cocks. Great game!