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Star Wars

From: George Lucas
Comments: I'm glad to see a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for this new Star Wars game on this web site! As the final installment of this saga is about to be released, I thought I would provide some teasers, to appease the clamoring of you devoted fans! First, expect Jar Jar Binks to take on a major, major role which you may not have anticipated! I am aware that some regard Jar Jar as an intergalactic "Step'n Fetchit". Well I've decided to give him a considerably enlarged role, to be balanced by an intergalactic "Kingfish" type, based on the old Amos and Andy program. This Kingfish character will be played by me. Also, many may recall that Queen Amidala's accent was probably the worst fake British accent of all time. This was actually clever acting by Ms. Portman who anticipated the exposure of this character as a total fraud. Expect something like the revelation scene between Luke and Vader, except with Amidala (and Chewbacca's grandfather perhaps?), although I won't spoil it for all of you devotees who've waiting in line for a weeks to see it! May the force be with you all!